‘We’re Living in a Nightmare:’ Inside the Health Crisis of a Texas Bitcoin Town.

Das ist aber ein schlauer Move! Du sorgst dafür, dass die Anwohner alle krank werden! Dann fällt ihnen gar nicht auf, wie du den Strompreis hochgetrieben hast!

Over the course of several months in 2024, TIME spoke to more than 40 people in the Granbury area who reported a medical ailment that they believe is connected to the arrival of the Bitcoin mine: hypertension, heart palpitations, chest pain, vertigo, tinnitus, migraines, panic attacks. At least 10 people went to urgent care or the emergency room with these symptoms.

Ach komm, ein bisschen Herzinfarkt hat noch keinem geschadet!

But they all shared a singular grievance: a dull aural hum had crept into their lives, which growled or roared depending on the time of day, rattling their windows and rendering them unable to sleep. The hum, local law enforcement had learned, was emanating from a Bitcoin mining facility that had recently moved into the area—and was exceeding legal noise ordinances on a daily basis.

Ach! Ach was! Leute, die das staatliche Geldsystem disruptieren wollen, scheißen auch sonst auf staatliche Regeln und Regulierungen? Also DAMIT konnte ja wohl NIEMAND rechnen!